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Venison Vegetable Soup

By Ryan Walker

Soups that contain a wide variety of vegetables explode with flavor especially when the vegetables are fresh.  The large chunks of venison cubes melt in your mouth.  This soup is a great “fix it and forget it” crock pot meal that can be served at a fancy dinner or at deer camp!


1-2 pounds cubed venison from round steaks

40 ounces of stewed tomatoes

2 cups of water

1 medium summer squashed, cubed

1 medium zucchini, cubed

1 small sweet onion, sliced

1 can mushroom pieces

5 strips of bacon

Begin by cooking the bacon until crisp, then crumble into small pieces.  Leave the bacon grease and cook the venison cubes until medium done.  Place the stewed tomatoes and water into a crock pot.  Add all the vegetables and set the crock pot on low for 4-6 hours.  The aroma that fills your house or cabin will welcome any visitors that may be stopping by for dinner. 



Venison Kabobs 

By Ryan Walker

    2-3 pounds of 2 inch venison cubes

    3 large green peppers, chunked

    3 large onions, cubed

    2 cups of large pineapple chunks

    2 cups of a commercial Hawaiian barbecue sauce

      6-8 wooden kabob skewers soaked in water for 20 minutes or metal kabob skewers

Place one venison cube on the skewer, followed by a pepper chunk, onion piece, and pineapple chunk.  Another possibility is to alternate a venison cube after each vegetable or pineapple chunk.  The fun is creating your own favorite combination of meat, vegetables, and fruit.  While pre-heating the grill, baste the Hawaiian barbecue sauce on the meat and other ingredients.  The grill should be at a medium heat.  Grill the kabobs for ten minutes, turning several times and brush with the barbecue sauce each turn.  If you want your venison more than medium, grill for slightly longer.   



Grilled Salmon with Orange-Mustard Sauce

By Ryan Walker

1 large salmon filet (skin-on)

2 tablespoons of orange marmalade

2 tablespoons of Dijon mustard

1 cup melted butter

Kosher salt to taste

Preheat the grill to a medium heat.  Lay the filet, skin side down, on a piece of aluminum foil.  Place the butter and salt on the filet.  Fold the foil over the fish so it seals in the moisture and flavor by creating a bowl.  Cook the filet for about 12-15 minutes.  While the filet is cooking place the marmalade and mustard in a small pot.  Heat the ingredients until they boil, make sure to stir constantly.  When the fish is finished, brush the marmalade and mustard mixture over the filet. 



Turkey Fingers

By Ryan Walker

2 turkey breasts

3 eggs

2 cups of bread crumbs

Olive oil

½ cup orange marmalade

½ mustard

The next recipe is a great way to enjoy that boss tom turkey you plan on harvesting this spring.  When you get that big bird home remove its breast so you have two large breast fillets.  Cut the breast fillets into strips that are one inch wide and five inches long.  Beat three eggs and dredge the strips through the eggs.  Next, dredge the turkey strips through the bread crumbs.  Coat the bottom of a fry pan with two tablespoons of olive or vegetable oil.  You should cook the strips on a medium-high heat.  I like to fry each side for at least five to six minutes or until golden brown.  It is always advisable to use a meat thermometer when testing meat to see if it is done.  Here’s a little hint I like to use when I cook with this recipe.  I lay the strips on a cutting board and cover them with wax paper.  I use my meat mallet to pound the strips until they are thin.  They cook faster and more evenly if they are flattened.

Wait; hold on, you have to have dipping sauce if you are going to eat turkey fingers.  Take a half of a cup of orange marmalade preserves and mix it with a half a cup of mustard.  If you cook this over a medium heat for about five minutes while stirring frequently you will have a great homemade sauce.  They also taste great if you used commercial or homemade barbecue sauce.   





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